Search/Preview/Paste, the simplest way to manage your clipboard content.
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CleanClip is an immersive clipboard management tool designed for Mac, allowing you to quickly search, preview, and use clipboard history at your input position.

💡 Use Anytime

Call it up with a single keystroke "⌘ + ;" in any scenario, view, search, preview, and use all your records.

⌨️ Immersive Popup

No need to switch focus, the popup always appears at the editing field position.

🔍 Quick Search

Type a letter to quickly search, even the oldest records can be found instantly.

🌈 Full Format Support

Supports all copyable formats, including images and files.

📱 Sync Mobile Records

With iCloud enabled, text and image records copied on your phone can be viewed on your Mac.

🙋🏻 Frequently Asked Questions

#💻 Supported System Versions?

Supports macOS 11.0+.

# 🆓 Can I try it for free?

The basic features are free to use with no time restrictions. So you can use CleanClip's basic features permanently without paying.

#💰 Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

You can request a refund within 7 days for any reason. Just send an email📧 to, including: [Refund Request], [Your Purchase Email], [Reason for Refund], [Any suggestions or feedback that can help me].