The most advanced labelling and packaging artwork automation software
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MYPACKBRAIN is the leading innovative software provider for packaging artwork automation. It sets new market standards in delivering speed to market, cost reduction and efficiency. It offers a cloud-based platform for packaging artworks and labelling management which combines project management, digital proofing, copy management and translations, and digital asset management.

Its end-to-end packaging solutions are integrated on a cloud-based platform. They cover all four areas:

  • Artwork Management: graphic design editor with smart brand maps (pre-built templates). Design hundreds of packaging variants in minutes, along with company’s branding.
  • Multilingual Content Management: Packaging translation hub. Translate only once and then re-use already approved content across various designs. Translate only missing elements to save time and money. It includes: variant/invariant texts, tables, nutritional tables, dictionaries, lists, etc.
  • Process Management: fully audited workflow and approval system. Define each step and monitor the process. Use detailed dashboards and personalised user interface for best results.
  • Digital Asset Management: smart centralised file storage. Store, share and manage brand assets. Filter elements and track their location in your global portfolio.

These intelligent tools control users' actions to deliver brand consistency and environment security. They are trusted by Fortune500 companies which use the  solutions in demanding industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and FMCG retail.

The team has many years of experience in packaging, prepress and IT industries. It allows to be independent, develop solutions fast, and adjust them to each brand's unique needs.