Theoriestudio is a freemium platform where people can learn driving theory with
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Theoriestudio is a freemium platform where people can learn driving theory with AI. It features lessons, quizzes, and practice exams. Getting your driving license tends to be a difficult ordeal for young people. However with Theoriestudio this becomes a lot easier. The lessons have practical examples and are followed with quizzes where students can practice what they have learnt. The exams are modelled after the real exam so you can practice everything well. The AI tracks your performance and gives you matching quizzes and exams. This way you get a custom-made learning programme just for you. There is broad support from other students as well as driving theory experts.

Top Features:

Courses: There is an in depth course as well as a summary course. This allows users to learn the driving theory at their own pace wherever they want to. The course has many lessons where the driving theory is explained well using text, images, videos, and examples.

Quizzes: After users do a lesson they are faced with a quiz to see if they understood the lesson well. The AI tracks how every user performs. The user then sees custom questions to attack their weak points.

Exams: Once the courses and quizzes are done, users can do the real deal – an exam. The exam is modelled after the real exam and the performance is also tracked with AI. Users get detailed explanations about their weak points so that they can revise the theory and get better at it. They can then redo the exam and practice their weak points.